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Sam Moult is...

Check out my performances as an MC at some of the regions' top events!

Laugh along at my take on life in the Gulf, from accents to habits and even more!

Launching products or talking over the radio, a good presenter represents the brand!

Asking the questions you want to hear to some of the top faces in entertainment!


All New Profile Pics

Brand new photos that make me look attractive

16 Times We Were All Sam Moult

A collection of tweets

A Comedy Glossary

Why not put together a little list? I love lists.

The Maddest Hatter

I donned the famous hat, the orange wig and even did my own make-up!


10 More One-Liners

Flexing the pun-muscle with some more unfunny onesies

© 2019 Samuel Moult

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