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Predator GTX Challenge

Sharaf DG Times Square, Dubai, UAE

July 2016

NVIDIA and Acer Middle East joined forces to launch the latest range of gaming laptops, computers and monitors, equipped with top-of-the-range GEFORCE GTX Graphics Cards at Sharaf DG in Times Square, one of the companies busiest and biggest stores in the country.

Sam hosted and welcomed gamers who had a chance to win a range of prizes through a series of gaming tournaments in games such as Doom and FIFA. 

With the first day showcasing some local YouTubing talent, the second day invited a broader gaming spectrum as visitors could compete to win some coveted prizes.

Sam brought plenty footballing and gaming knowledge with him as he commentated on the games and made sure that the competition was as fierce and exciting as it could be.

"Full of energy and alive with passion”

- Chantelle Tavid,

Regional Marketing Manager, NVIDIA ME

© 2019 Samuel Moult

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