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Yesterday's Satire is Today's Reality

Satire used to be a thing of beauty. Comedy writers quietly giggling to themselves as they punched out another dubious, yet outrageous article, posting it to the masses and hoping that it triggered someone or that another believed it to be true. It was an art form that took imagination and a wide understanding of the world.

Sites such as The Onion and NewsThump would create articles that, whilst completely false, were aimed at the right audience, at the right time and contained just the right amount of backstory to make people fully commit to the truth of the idea.

Satire was a strong arm of comedy. Was.

Today's world (and I'm not even saying Satire was a thing like it was 20 years ago...I'm thinking just one year ago) is just so topsy-turvy and unpredictable that Satire just seems too real. Or even if it is fake, it might be real in a few weeks.

What's changed? Why do The Onion articles seem even more believable? How has Saturday Night Live tapped into some sort of alternate universe where they can predict the future? I have an idea why.

We all know about the President of the USA (yes, it still takes me some time to say it, then realise it's true) and how unpredictable he is. His tweets, his actions, his policies. Even the people around him are starting to become erratic. Chaos breeds chaos.

Even South Park, one of my more admired shows, even with the writing powerhouses of Trey Parker and Matt Stone have stepped away from the political climate. You know things are bad when the most boundary-pushing, head-on topic-addressing show has given up on you.

Satire nowadays is either a prediction of the near future or has to be so completely batshit crazy in order for people to click and get a laugh out of it. What a world we live in.

I don't think there's really any point in this article. It's more of an observation. I suppose if I had to create a point it'd be to check and double check what you read. Even headlines are sensationalised in order to get clicks. We should all become more vigilant in our quest for what is true, but with far-left or far-right publications popping up all over the place it's hard to find a balanced, truthful middle ground.

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