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TV Shows That I'm Currently Watching

It's no secret that we are currently in a Golden Age of Television. With the emergence of streaming services, particularly Netflix, we have access to so much TV content that things are just getting out of hand. There's so many TV shows out there it really is hard to keep on top of them all. I even thought about an app that helps keep track of it all, because I'm constantly switching between shows and often lose where I left off.

Of course, everyone has their own preferences. Some like drama, some like comedy and some like just random shit like what they put out on Adult Swim. But, in an attempt to recommend some shows and to also help me remember what I'm watching, here is a list of TV Shows That I'm Currently Watching.

Silicon Valley

I'm putting Silicon Valley first because, quite simply, it is the funniest thing on TV at the moment. Currently in it's 3rd season, the show follows Richard Hendricks and co. as they look to put their computer-start-up 'Pied Piper' out to market. The show is super current and examines the intricacies and personalities that you can find in...Silicon Valley, the birthplace and home of Facebook, Google and many more multi-billion dollar tech companies.

The thing that makes it truly hilarious is not only the great acting (TJ Miller kills it) but the script is written by Mike Judge. The guy who wrote Beavis & Butthead, King of the Hill, Idiocracy and one of my favourite movies, Office Space. The storyline is also pretty good and with 30 minute episodes, you are left foaming at the mouth for more.

Brooklyn Nine Nine

From a West Coast comedy to the East. Specifically to the 99th Police Precinct in Brooklyn, New York as we follow Jake Peralta (played by Andy Samberg) and his team as they solve crimes and stuff.

What I love about this show, that took a few episodes to get into, is the chemistry between the actors and the casting has built a pretty decent unit of comedians/detectives. Not only is Andy Samberg in it (please God let me work with him one day), but Terry Crews is too. Literally amazing. Funny, bitesize and easy going.

Bojack Horseman

Honestly, it isn't my usual taste. A cartoon with a surreal setting and talking animals. Initially I wasn't overly enthused, but a friend recommended it and now I find myself checking the date regularly to see when the next season is out (it's July 22 2016). Will Arnett voices a horse (yup) who used to be the star actor in a cheesy comedy sitcom, but his life has taken a turn and now he just lives in Beverly Hills with Todd Chavez (Aaron Paul), getting drunk.

Sometimes though, the show delivers some sweet lines and they can be both shocking and LOL funny. It's storyline isn't amazing, but I don't really know what you were expecting from a horse who's agent is a cat and competes with a famous dag called Mr. Peanutbutter.


Aside from Seth McFarlane's Family Guy and American Dad, which I will religiously watch, I feel like his latest creation has gone under the radar a bit. Bordertown is about a town...that is on the border...between Mexico and the USA in the fictional state of Mexifornia (take a wild guess). It follows border agent Bud Buckwald and his 'white trash' family and their neighbours, Ernesto Gonzalez and family, Mexican immigrants.

The show is more of a 'watch this in the background' kind of thing, and a lot of jokes tend to get lost in the wind a bit, but the show delivers randomness in a nice quantity and now and then has a pretty good joke that teeters on satirical and borderline offensive. Perfect.


OK, the last comedy show I'm enjoying is one that I have enjoyed for quite a while now. Archer Sterling is a top secret agent...but he is also an absolute douche, but you can't help but love him. Now in its 7th season, Archer is just an all round amazing show.

Although I'm not sure exactly what decade it's set in, the characters at the International Secret Intelligence Service/The Figgis Agency are unbelievably hilarious. I could probably go on for a while about why I love each of them, but their personalities don't overstep each other, they merely mould together into this ball of violence, one-liners, alcoholism, ethical-failures and sex....more sex than you would expect for an animated series. Well worth a watch.

The Flash

Moving away from Comedy, The Flash is one of (if not the best) superhero TV shows out there at the moment. The story follows Barry Allen who can run pretty fast as he and his gang do stupid stuff that gets them caught by villains before Barry runs a bit faster and saves the day. I'll be honest, a huge part of the reason why I stopped watching CW's (the network) Arrow (and didn't even start Legends of Tomorrow) was because the episode storyline had just become so piss poor and repetitive, and, in some cases, The Flash is guilty of this too.

A big part why I am still watching it though, is because the Flash is my favourite superhero by far. The only reason I don't have a Flash t-shirt is because Sheldon Cooper ruined it for me. The show covers the top villains and explores the gradual build up and acceleration of the Flash as he learns more about his power and becomes quicker and quicker. With some more great storylines in their way in the next seasons I can't wait to see the Flash finally reach his top speed (spoiler, it's fast).

Game of Thrones

Well yeah...duh


If I'm honest (which I am), I had a tough time putting this in the list. A lot of people rant and rave about how good Daredevil is as a show, but I find myself struggling to get through the episodes. Charlie Cox is great and I love the premise of Daredevil and who he is, but it can feel like a chore getting through the episodes.

I'm on the second season, and I need to pick it back up, but it's still worth a watch. The fight choreography is pretty sweet, but it's more of a background-burner than a foreground eat-your-dinner-whilst-watching kind of show.

Better Call Saul

I suppose this last show is a bit of a sweet shout-out to Breaking Bad, which, in my opinion, is the greatest television show of all time. I might be a bit late in picking up the Albuquerque spin-off, but I have been thoroughly enjoying it. I was heavily invested in Breaking Bad and so finding out about the 'origin stories' of Mike and Saul has been really fun too.

I can recommend it. It has a lot of the same flavour as BB, but with a bit more episode-by-episode storyline, instead of a season long kind of thing. Funny at times too, Vince Gilligan (the creator) found a universe and has made it come to life.


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