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Top 5 Comedians in Dubai

So, this title might cause a bit of a stir. Comedy is subjective and so the 5 people below are just people that I really find funny, but I can tell you this with confidence: there are lots more funny guys in the city/country and I am sure that no matter your sense of humour there will be someone to entertain you so make sure you come down to a comedy night soon!

1. Ali Al Sayed

No comedy list in Dubai would be complete without mentioning Ali. Known as the 'King of Comedy', Ali set up Dubomedy with his now-wife (read below) and has since brought many people into the world of comedy through his classes, shows and hilarious videos.

Ali has toured the world but why is he on my list? I find him funny and inspirational. Ali has fought hard to get where he is and his comedy style is similar to mine, but with an Arab twist. A mix of observational and accents, his sets are right up my street.

2. Mina Liccione

Mina Liccione is the other half of Dubomedy (and arguably the better half of Ali Al Sayed) and has been a great mentor to me in my early comedy career. Her guidance and experience in improving my improv game has helped me in day-to-day situations as well as with crowd work on stage.

Mina is super physical on stage bringing much of her dance background into her act to really get things going over the top and out-of-control in typical Italian American style.

3. Salman Qureshi

As with Mina and Ali, Salman has also been a good friend to me as I grew in comedy. Having set up Dubai Laughing he has given me a number of chances to perform and try out new stuff, which is so important for any comedian.

Whilst he may have been carrying the same jokes around for a few years (I'm just as guilty), he takes everyday situations and turns them into something funny. His superheroes in Dubai skit (above) is something that always makes me laugh.

4. Junaid Akram

Junaid is one of the funniest people in comedy, in my opinion. During the last cricket World Cup he found that fellow Pakistani's thought so too and his Facebook page rocketed in likes. Since then he has assisted in helping people during the Pakistani summer, caused viral debates in the country and is now even writing a movie!

Junaid is one to watch for the future, but why do I find him funny? Sometimes the funniest guy in the room can be the one who isn't afraid to tell it like it is. Junaid certainly does that. Whether it's massage cards or traffic, he's been there and attacked it.

5. Omar Ismail

There is probably not enough time or space for me to talk about Omar Ismail. I met Omar, along with Salman, at comedy class and I like to think that we got on right away. He's a bit geeky and nerdy, but hilarious all time time. I was recently interviewed by Infusion Magazine and they asked "Who is the funniest person in Dubai?" and without a hesitation I said Omar.

Now, I've seen Omar perform several times. But each time I have genuinely laughed, even when I knew the joke! His mix of Emirati and Georgie (yes, Newcastle, England) just creates some hilarious situations at home and around Dubai. I guess it really is true that funny things happen to funny people, and Omar is just such a delight to watch live. He also performs with me as part of the Improv Revolution troupe too, and he's just as funny on-the-spot as he is on stage.

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