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The Post-Festival Blog

That's it for another year. The Nottingham Comedy Festival has come to a close.

It's been a hectic week at the Vat & Fiddle in the centre of Nottingham and we've hosted a plethora of hilarious acts. Over 250 people came down to share some laughs and spread the happiness as we celebrated everything that the UK comedy scene has to offer.

From musical maestros to improvisational masters and everything in between the whole week has been a great experience for all involved.

As a promoter, I had a great time and learnt a lot about selling tickets, running shows and realising how important a well-run venue is to making sure everyone had a good time (probably almost as important as the jokes themselves).

As a comedian, I learnt that 2 hours if probably too long to talk for, but I definitely noticed my strengths and will happily push those even harder in the future.

In the weeks after the festival I will be making sure everyone is paid and happy and I will also be putting my thoughts together to see how we can make the 2019 edition of the festival even more impressive!

Thanks to everyone who performed, helped and laughed!

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