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The Big Blog of Everything

It's time for a blog and a brief summary about my life, what I've been doing and what I'm going to be doing (the stuff I can talk about anyway).

The last few months have been the toughest months of my life personally and, in most businesses, your career takes a bit of a back seat whilst your brain tries to understand everything and come to terms with the situation that you are currently in. Luckily, however, comedy tends to lend itself to these times and, whilst you might not be the most cheery person to be around, some of the best comedy comes from times of deep darkness and despair, not to mention laughter's healing abilities.

I've needed a good laugh recently, and, in some forms, I have found it and I am grateful for it and those people that helped to provide it.

In the deep times, when you don't feel like you can even muster the will power to get out of bed, somehow, from somewhere the 'Muse' inspires you and you come up with some jokes and ideas that you probably wouldn't have ever even thought about. So there is that. Namely sketches, comedy 'bits' and a bit more on the odd this and that (ugh that sounds so vague).

Anyway, I'm coming out of the hole now (still not completely out) but I'm now beginning to look forward to the future and my own mental plans. Comedy is still very much a part of my personal DNA and, at the moment at least, I am convinced that it is where I belong in life, so here I go!

I'd love to be less vague and provide a blog post that might at least interest some of you, but because there's still things in the air I don't want to talk too soon and put my foot in it as the plan comes crashing down to Earth, so I'll stay quiet for now!


#comedy #life

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