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The Benefits of Travelling

Travelling is something that is written about, quoted and reported on day-in, day-out in today's world. Whilst travel wasn't always so accessible or affordable, humans have had both a need and a lust for travelling and experiencing the world.

With air routes better than ever and the world becoming smaller and smaller there aren't many reasons not to just get up and go. Sure, we have jobs, but is that what life is for? For sitting at a desk for most of our lives? Why not just get on a plane and experience something new? Get out of your comfort zone and just...go!

Sure, sounds easy, and you'll think about the cost of it all. If you start to itemise and really immerse yourself in the 'local way of life', you'll be surprised just how affordable a holiday can become. Eat cheap, eat big, travel public and just use your eyes to create memories, not souvenirs or fancy places.

As a comedian, the world is my canvas and the microphone is my paint brush. But how can I paint when I don't have the colours? Travelling provides me with so much material and a better understanding of my key subject: humans. Whilst jokes differ from country to country, humans are quite similar around the world and knowing what makes us tick is quite amusing in itself.

So many jokes I have written recently have examined airports and tourism 'culture' and I'm positive there's plenty more on top of that.

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