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Social Media Isn't A Good Thing

I've had lots of time recently to think about my life. What's happening and how I can improve it, whether that be the quality of life, or how I can remove distractions and work harrder, better, faster, stronger.

Truth be told, one of my biggest obstacles at the moment is social media. I don't really enjoy it anymore. Between the constant checking of my phone, the addiction to sites like reddit and Twitter and the need for information and updates at every moment of my life I've begun to realise just how empty and false it all is.

People only post about the good things on social media. Last November I posted daily videos talking about depression because at the time I was both depressed and I felt that my social media channels needed to talk about something real; something true.

You open up Instagram and it's full of pictures of friends having a good time. Travelling, going out, eating nice things, hanging with people, but they aren't all happy. They are stressed, they have bills and goals just like the rest of us, but they will only show the 'nice' parts of their life.

I'm not saying that I'm being grumpy because everyone else is happy, that's not true at all. I get great happiness out of other people's joy. At least I better, I'm a comedian! I just think that social media has worn me down to the point where I just want to escape it for a bit. Turn off my phone/accounts and just live in the moment a little bit more.

The problem with that is you suddenly become disconnected and you can't actually post about what you're doing, which, for me at least, can turn into work and opportunities. It's a Catch 22. Turn off social media to concentrate more on work, but turn it off and lose business.

I read an interesting article about Aziz Ansari leaving social media and it resonated with me, and more and more industry people are heading that way too. Social media is tiring and it's just a big lie and the only thing that's true that actually gets to you is depressing news about the state of the world and our future.

Sometimes this blog is more of a place for me to vent, and it's nice to do that once in a while. I suppose if there was a message to come out of all this it would be to take social media with a pinch of salt and not to take it too seriously. Put your phone down and look outside once in a while, it's actually quite nice.

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