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Sam Moult on The Omars Show

After several months of practically being begged to be on the show I joined my good friends Omar Ismail and Omar Shams on their comedy podcast as guest number 15. Although they felt that there were 14 more important people to have on the show before me I like to feel that I gave them a good enough reason to have me back...or not.

We talked about a range of topics that were interesting and thought provoking, before they were cut out and we left in some funny bits but a lot of random 'filler' topics instead.

From joke stealing to social media the episode ends on a pretty funny note, so have a listen all the way through.

If you enjoyed the show, make sure you follow them on Soundcloud and like them on Facebook as I'm sure their episodes are only going to get worse and worse...erm, I mean better and better.

#theomarsshow #podcast #funny

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