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New VLOG Every Week

Around mid-December I realised that by January 18th I will have been in 4 countries. Four countries and it's not even February! With that I figured that, whilst a lot of my life is just me sitting at home doing boring bits of writing and work and Playstation, when something does happen it's pretty cool, so I decided to just go for it and start making VLOGs.

I'm not expecting to change the world with these little nuggets, nor am I hoping that they become a career, but it's a combination of being more connected with people and the need to at least put something out there to help develop my social media and comedy profile that has pushed me to create them.

A deadline is useful too, otherwise I'd just sit on my ass every week.

Anyway, hope you like them. Sub to my channel if you can, tell a friend if you really enjoyed it. Give me feedback, watch them or don't do anything. I'm not your mum.

#vlog #comedy

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