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Massive News!


I will be debuting TWO Comedy Specials at this year's Nottingham Comedy Festival!

Grown Upped and Love, Sex, Comedy are the end products of over 2 years of work. I am incredibly proud of these pieces of comedy and, whilst still nowhere near finished, the jokes and content look really good and I can't wait to get on stage to show them to family, friends and joke lovers alike.

The shows will draw from a wide range of personal experiences and observations to create a funny look at my life and how I see life in general.

They will also form part of the Nottingham Comedy Festival where I will be managing The Old Cold Store at The Vat and Fiddle which will be hosting myself and 14 other acts which all promise to be hilarious and well worth your time. For more information on the festival click here.

For more information about Grown Upped click here and you can also buy tickets here.

For more information about Love, Sex, Comedy click here and you can also buy tickets here.

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