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Making Ends Meet

As a performer, I am all too aware of cash flow problems, becoming complacent and wondering where the next payment is coming from. Performers, traditionally, are low paid and have to work for free in the beginning of their careers before they finally end up getting regular paid gigs, but then, the earnings are exponentially better.

That said, you can't put your life on hold to 'pursue your dream'. You need to Make Ends Meet, otherwise you'll starve to death of get evicted from your home. So yhow do you do that?

Well, before we become performers, many of us have a trade or career that we moved in to before finding out that it just wasn't us and that we had a talent that would be better use elsewhere. For me, it's marketing. I have a degree and experience in marketing; digital to be specific.

Fortunately, today's world requires lots of young people to manage social media accounts, build basic websites and get online presence from brands. I freelance for a few different restaurants, events and others to develop a basic presence to get their brand out there.

Here's the key thing: I'm the boss. I make just enough to cover my expenses and, because I'm in charge, can afford the time to pursue comedy and comedy-related activities. Meetings, filmings, brainstorming and shows. It's a pretty cushy deal.

I suppose my advice in this blog is to people thinking about making a switch to performing. Don't do it in one go. Don't take out a loan and give yourself 5 years to 'make it'. Performing, and becoming a regular paid act takes time and it differs from person to person, so you can't put a time-stamp on it. Let it grow organically, and keep your trade on the side to make ends meet.

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