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Live on Twitch!

More big news from the Samuel Moult camp! This time it is the realisation that he has become one of those guys. I have become a streamer.

Alright, I'm not a big name yet, in fact I'm yet to cross 100 viewers so far but I figured, I play a lot of games anyway, people like my personality (for the most part) and I spent a bunch of money on a fancy new computer so I might as well put it to work.

On Twitch I'll be mainly playing a range of games and getting friends to join me on PC of PS4 as well as doing the odd DJ stream for when you want to get your groove on.

So far the page has a few videos from Battlefield 1, Fortnite, Rocket League and Raft but you can expect a lot of different games and even more once the Steam sales start again.

So why am I doing it really? Well, aside from playing games anyway, streaming on Twitch is part of my overall plan to get myself out there. To look like I'm busy (I am) to promoters and agents and the like. Twitch will run side-by-side with my VLOGs and YouTube channel which I will also be adding gameplays and some bonus sketches and videos to very soon. Lots happening and it's all very fun, so come and join me!

Follow Sam on Twitch!

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