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Laughter Sells

Aside from Stand-Up shows, comedians are very creative people. Funny too. Most comedians get into stand-up because they are funny people with their friends and so find a platform to be funny to a wider audience.

Something that not enough comedians are credited with is being fantastic salesmen. Laughter Sells. When you watch an advert on TV, read a billboard or are exposed to any sort of 'sales or marketing technique' (which is several times a day), if that advert made you laugh, smile or inspired a good memory, you are going to be more attached to it mentally and, therefore, more likely to purchase that product.

So why isn't every advert funny?

Well, there's a few reasons. Firstly, many brands have a specific tone and feel to them and try to avoid the 'we're being cool' feel and tend to stick to what they know.

Secondly, too much comedy dilutes your advert. If every advert was hilarious, eventually you'd just blow air out of your nose instead of laughing. You'd have to get better writers and better jokes (which takes time to develop) and would find yourself in a funny 'jokes-arms race'.

Thirdly, comedy isn't cheap. Something I have found myself saying recently is that "Yes, I can create a funny video for your brand. Yes it will get views. No, I will not do it for free." Comedians pride themselves in what they do because 9 times out of 10 it's funny and will work for you. But viral videos (even some that seems genuine) still cost money.

With any marketing activitiy it's Money In needs to be less than Revenue, otherwise your business model is somewhat skewed.

Find your brand tone, your objective and decide "is comedy for me? Do I need a laugh to sell this product?" If the answer is "Yes!" then my email is

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