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It's been a while...

My last blog post was last year. Sounds corny, but it really was. Since then A LOT has happened!

I've suddenly found myself really busy since coming back from a short break back home (mainly to renew my passport which was full of stamps [also, shout out to the UK Government for running an efficient service]).

I've had a few gigs, including my first ever private gig! That was fun. Three dudes had a birthday, so I wrote some jokes about them based on what their wives sent me, and just free-wheeleed a lot of the show.

I suppose it's interesting really, that I've begun to find out more about what a comedian really does. I kept saying to myself that Dubai had more to offer me in terms of learning and experience, and I had begun to feel that I had got the hang of things, but having to write on a deadline about something you don't know was really challenging and extremely fun. My mind began to flow with creative things here and there about these people's nationalities, personalities and hobbies. So that was nice.

Improv with Dubomedy has been good this year too. Natajia has kind of half-joined the squad, which is great as we now have an amazing mix of energies, characters and 'roles' that is really creating a solid improv troupe. I really hope we can begin taking our act to the next level, around the region and to bigger audiences. Who knows...?

Anyway, keep in touch, and love you as always.

#comedy #improv #dubomedy

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