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It's Awards Season!

Some FAQs you might have about this blog post:

  • Awards Season? Is that a real thing?

  • Yes, it absolutely is. A lot of Dubai publications announce their nominees and hold posh parties around this time of year.

  • Did you get nominated/win anything?

  • No. Nothing noteworthy anyway.

  • So why are you writing a blog about it?

  • Well...

Awards season in Dubai is a very funny time of year. You see, in my business, and in my peripheral friends circle I see a lot of people getting noms and talking about it on the socials.

Awards are great because it's nice to have something tangible to show for your hard work and success over the previous year. It's a night to get dolled up, drink from an open bar and post something on social media that isn't just the same menu-item picture or #tbt to your event that you're hoping will win you something, even though it happened about 6 months ago and everyone has forgotten about it.

The problem with awards, particularly here, is that, in reality, they mean jack shit. About 90% of awards here are bought. Many awards are presented by supposedly 'independent' media companies, such as Time Out or Ahlan. Whilst the independent look is great, and makes you feel worthy of your recognition, many of the winners are simply just regular clients of the agency through advertising that has taken place over the previous year.

While some nominees may genuinely be thrown in there because they are actually a good establishment, the rest of the winners and nominees is just a gigantic list of 'these are our biggest accounts'.

Anyway, it's not like this is something new. Awards are always to be taken with a pinch of salt, even the big ones like the Oscars or World Cup Host Nation. Some need more salt than others.

Point is, well done on your nomination, shortlisting or win, but don't think that I'm 100% going to come to your restaurant because you have the best steak in town. Chances are, you'll cook it slightly over medium and charge be ten times more than it would cost me to cook a half decent steak at home. At least at home I can drink my own wine and sit in my boxers watching YouTube on the PlayStation.

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