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Come at Me 2019

It's almost 2019 which, to me, is unbelievable. I swear 2018 only started yesterday. It's been a weird year really. Personally it has been tough, educating, eye-opening and has had plenty of extreme highs and incredible lows, but I'm proud to say I've made it and things are (slowly) on the up!

Professionally I have spent the majority of 2018 outside of my comfort zone. As I look back almost two years ago to the blog I wrote when I left Dubai and to the one I wrote at the start of 2018 I can look at where I am now and see how far I've come. Whilst it might not be as far as I would have liked, it's a lot further than I was when I first arrived back in the UK.

I finally got round to passing my test and getting a car, I've done quite a few shows up and down the country, I've written a bunch of new material (so much I did two debut hours in November), I've written even more things in my head, I've read all of the Lord of the Rings and I'm down 3kg!

So with 2018 behind me, what's the plan for 2019? Well...


  • Taking a Break

  • One of the reasons I came back to the UK was because in Dubai it felt like I was constantly gigging and had no energy or time to put my heart into creative passion-projects. I got back onto the circuit here in August and it felt like I was heading back into that loop again. So I've decided to take a break from stand-up for a bit, just until I can get some stuff completed.


  • New Sketches

  • Some are written, some will be very soon. I'm not really sure whether to go ahead and make them on my own or to pitch them about and see what happens, but I think with a bit of advice and guidance I'll have an answer to that soon.


  • VLOGs

  • I did a whole year of VLOGs! I can't believe it! In the beginning I thought they'd just become annoying and the lack of views would get to me. Whilst the view count isn't what I'd like, the feedback is good and I feel there's definitely something in them.

  • Gameplays

  • ​I posted a debut gameplay video in November and, in my opinion, it is hilarious. I had fun editing it and I'm going to be looking at doing one a week in 2019. Already got some great content lined up.

  • Bonus Stuff

  • ​I've been sitting on content and edited videos for a while and not really known what to do with them. Now I have my answer: just post them, dummy! These, along with a proper written project will be out in Q1 2019.

More Writing

  • OK, but Why?

  • ​Writing jobs are highly sought after in the comedy industry and I believe I've got what it takes to land one somewhere. Who knows where? Who knows if I'll even make it? Nobody, that's who. But one thing's for sure, I'm not going to get one if I don't actually write something first!


  • DJing

  • Still DJing at home. I did a 2 hour mix for TrancefamilyUAE's 6th Anniversary and I'm sure there'll be more mixes coming on my mixcloud soon, and, maybe, a live show at some point in the year.

  • Music Production

  • Oh boy, oh boy. The ideas and inspiration I have for this! Wow! I really hope I can get what's in my head onto a computer and into your ears, because if I can I think you'll like it.


  • Reading

  • Read some books last year. Got a kindle for Christmas, gonna read more. If you have any recommendations, let me know!

  • Lose Weight

  • I've been considering decapitation as a viable option.

  • Stop Being Miserable

  • I've learnt so much about myself in the past year. Through being creative, travelling to Thailand, India and Hungary and also just being more comfortable in my own skin and in my own head. Things are getting better. They aren't perfect yet, but they never will be. Who wants perfection anyway? It's so boring.

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