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Being Samta

Well, that's another Christmas over. This year I was Santa 3 times. Being Santa is something I never really thought I would be, until 2013, when I was 'bullied' into being the office Santa. I did it, and delivered an amazing performance, and since then I have done it each year.

As much as I want to believe it's because I enjoy creating the Spirit of Christmas and spreading joy to families, the pay is pretty good too. But don't think that being Santa can be taken lightly. You're in a hot suit (including a fat suit for 'skinny' me) and you are constantly eating plastic hairs and breathing in re-circulated Carbon Dioxide. Add that to having hundreds of kids on your knee, crying, hesitating or non-stop-talking and you have a pretty tough job.

I do admit though, it did help me get Christmassy this year. I was at Wafi Mall a couple of times in a beautiful grotto and the whole thing was very Western and felt great. I suppose it's a testament to the UAE how welcoming they are of the whole Christmas thing. That and it's a pretty good commercial opportunity too.

Anyway, it's been a great Christmas and a really good December for me. So, Happy New Year and see you next Christmas!

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