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As One Season Closes Another One Opens

The summer is drawing to a close, but it's not all doom and gloom. Whilst the UK's days might be getting shorter and I can see my breath at night, Dubai, and many other places, are gearing up for another bumper winter season.

Until you reach a point of regular income and bookings performers tend to flow like the tide, chasing the work and money. This could be moving from a seaside resort in the UK every summer, or even travelling halfway round the world to get a gig.

I'm no different. I'll be back in Dubai a few times over the winter, but also looking further afield for opportunities. Don't be afraid to move around, chase the work and take risks. Sure you might not speak the language, know the customs or even know anybody, but many performers I have worked with have travelled at some point and they all seem to be doing alright.

Get out there and chase the dream. Carpe diem!

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