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A Viral Tweet Analysis

Updated: Jan 21, 2019

On Friday, 11th January I tweeted something. It wasn't an overly clever tweet, but the timing of it was just right and it ended up getting a few likes.

Essentially, I was browsing twitter dot com as usual and saw a tweet from our Prime Minister congratulating Andy Murray on a fantastic career. I took her tweet, changed a few words and ended up with this:

As you would expect with any political tweet there came a significant amount of praise, controversy and insults. Here are my favourites:

I always liked that insult, thanks Eleni!

Nick gave me an 'A for originality' which I thought was very kind considering all I had done was reword an already existing tweet.

You're right, Angela, I don't speak for others, which is why I'm not a politician, I'm a comedian.

Which turned out to trigger Dan a bit as he came out a bit personal.

Gary thinks that Theresa's career is better than mine because she has made some money. In that case does that mean that Genghis Khan had the best career of all time, since he was worth $100 trillion+?

Paul got really riled up. Clearly he likes to keep his positive statements positive and he most likely collects all the negativity and hate in his life and packs it away into a corner.

"He's not the Messiah, he's a very silly boy!"

'The hardest job of any PM.' Just wait until Anthea finds out about the First and Second World Wars! She'll be shocked.

Hey Vivien, before you tweet out a claim that I'd 'borrowed' your tweet, have a look at the times first. You were 7 minutes late.

At least we've all learnt something from this tweet...

Thanks for the idea Jack!

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