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A Birthday in Budapest

As always, when I go away I like to write up a little piece about where I went, what I liked and what I'd recommend. This time I took a short break (6 nights) to Budapest for my birthday (July 29) to meet up with a couple close friends, one whom I studied with in Dubai and another who was the Rabbit at the Alice in Wonderland show I did!

Budapest, in case you didn't know, is the capital of Hungary and is a city that is abound with history and stories that date back hundreds of years to just a decade ago. Recent history has dictated that the central European country would play a large part in both World Wars before falling behind the Iron Curtain until a violent revolution in 1956 gave the people their country back. Today it is a country that is the gateway from Eastern to Western Europe and whilst political opinions are split the country is boosting it's tourist industry and Budapest lies at the centre of a modern revolution.

I stayed outside of Budapest and travelling into the city was very easy (especially since my friend bought the tickets) and once in the city everything major is within a walk of each other (think like Rome, bit of a walk, but worth it to get a flavour of the city whilst making your way along the streets).

Key sites include the Statue of Liberty, the Parliament and the main Basilica, all of which are beautiful but nothing really compares to the natural beauty of the Danube river. The main artery of the region, the river snakes through Budapest and at night the lit buildings that surround it create a magical atmosphere.

Whilst there I sampled plenty food and drink and Hungary most certainly delivered with a bunch of dishes I can barely pronounce, much less spell, and drinks that certainly light your mouth up and warm your cockles. Palinka is your one. Beer first though, otherwise it might not end well for you.

Whilst my only gripe about the city is that it didn't seem to really 'specialise' in anything the city is a great example of something European and comes in at about half the cost too! Most things are fairly cheap and if you're looking for a weekend break I highly recommend it, if you want something longer I'd throw in Balaton lake or even a short trip to Prague, Vienna or Bratislava too.

If this write-up wasn't enough I made a nice, funny, daft VLOG about the trip too. Hope you enjoy it and thanks for reading!

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