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2018 and Beyond

Ok, so first of all, it's March, which means I'm already 3 months behind on a simple blog post that basically outsets what I'm going to be doing for 2018. Why? I wasn't even back in the UK until January 18 because I was in Thailand, Dubai and India, then February was a bit of an awkward month due to some other issues and so on and so forth. But it's March now and I'm ready to go!

To make it easier for the people I'll send this link to whenever they go "so what are you doing these days?" I'll categorise each activity and use bullet points. Beat that you short-attention span nosey buggers!


  • New Material!

  • I've been working on a bunch of new stuff and it's almost ready to go. I have about 3 days of material, so now I need to cut it into a clean 5 minutes.

  • Edinburgh Fringe

  • With the Fringe bookings upon us I won't be hosting a show at this current moment in time, but I'll keep my options open and will most likely be down there when the time comes anyway.

  • Shows!

  • I'm in the process of getting a UK Driving License and then a car. Once I have got that sorted I'll be ready to travel up and down the country spending £50 on fuel and earning £15 on bucket split. Fantastic.


  • New Sketches

  • Something I've really been enjoying sinking my teeth into and the part that I believe will be my biggest success are my sketches. There's all sorts or ones planned, big and small, and now is the time to tie them up, get the storyboards done and get pitching!

  • Pitching

  • By the end of the year I want 100% of my scripts pitched across the world. Whoever responds first wins them. Easy.

  • Filming

  • For some sketches I should film them myself. I'm working on it.

  • VLOGs

  • I guess VLOGs count as Sketches? Well, they're already underway and you can find out more info about them here.

Sitcoms & Movies

  • Sitcoms?!

  • Yes! I have two in mental-development, as if to say they are being grown in my head and I've not written anything down. Sounds like not much, but a lot goes on in there before I sit down and write them, so I'd say there's a fair bit done already. Let's see.

  • Movies?!!?!

  • Even more outrageous. Same as above, but a bit less.


  • DJing

  • For my birthday last year I bought a DDJ-SX2 and I love it! A long time lover of dance music I wanted to get my teeth into the art form as a release and to help continue developing the #Trancefamilyuae brand that I co-founded almost 6 years ago. I've been putting some hourly mixes on the Dubai Trance Sessions radio show with over 5,000 weekly listeners and will continue to have fun with that side of things.

  • Music Production

  • Come on Sam, you're pulling our leg now. Well yes and no. I know it's a bit cliché and 'everyone does it' but I have some ideas and sounds in my head that I want to get made. This sort of thing is the exact reason why I left Dubai and came home. I need time to develop this and time is something you don't have in the UAE.


  • Reading

  • Last year I said to myself that in 2018 I would read 5 books. So far I've done half a book, which probably means I'm on course to finish 2 books by the end of the year. Better step it up!

  • Car & Driving

  • As mentioned before, whilst I had a UAE Automatic license it is useless over here, so let's get that sorted. That way I can get to gigs around the country and visit my grandma now and then.

  • Lose Weight

  • Ugh. Yeah.

  • Stop Being Miserable and Move On

  • I'm working on it, jeez. What are you, my mum?


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