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16 Times We Were All Sam Moult

If you know Sam Moult, you might have heard of him. All we know is that his Twitter recently passed 10,000 tweets, so we thought we'd share with you a few times when Sam asked what we were all too scared to ask.

1. Some questions are legitimately good.

2. Some even address basic corporate workings.

3. So relatable.

4. Nostalgic too.

5. Some prove that he is just like us.

6. It's clear that he likes to sleep.

7. And struggles with getting out of bed.

8. He is concerned about our futures.

9. And often has relatable frustrations.

But we hope it never comes to that.

10. Sam is also aware of his fragile existence (and we should be too).

11. He also questions basic science.

Brb, testing something.

12. And asks out-loud the questions that we should probably just Google.

13. He is a fan of Katy Perry.

14. Or maybe Sam actually does drift in the wind.

15. Wanting to start again?

16. But one thing's for sure, Sam cares deeply about how he is viewed.

But however you might be Sam Moult, don't ever change.

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