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10 One-Liners to Get You Started

One-liner jokes are something that I always enjoy. Although they last for a short amount of time and contain a small number of words, they are extremely hard to write.

One of my favourite comedians at the moment is Tim Vine and his act is purely comprised of one-liners, using props and puns to win over his audience. I've got a long way to go before I can even be close to him, but here are my top one-liners:

1. I've created an Italian American search engine. It's called Ba Da Bing!

2. I'm making a philosophical film about World War Two. Bridge Over The River Why?

3. I'm thinking about starting an exhibition for tricksters. I'm calling it 'Con-Con'.

4. Throwing sports are the best sports in the Olympics. Discus...

5. Paris Hilton was caught sending racy messages to a Gorilla. Sext Ape.

6. I bought a CD in Nigeria but it was corrupted.

7. I'm a typical Brit. I like tea, have a beer belly and my girlfriend is Filipino.

8. I want to get a job as a mail delivery man in the Far East so I can have a Korea Courier Career.

9. Rural Georgia recently got Tinder. It's called

10. A parrot was charged with murder in Iran with an owl as an accomplice. Two birds, one stoned.

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