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10 More One-Liners

You know the drill. I write the one-liner joke, you read it, you laugh, you share it with your friends.

1. I just barely passed my computer programming exam. I got a C++.

2. I had a gardener who was such a stoner. He always had a problem with weed.

3. I had a friend who took drugs whilst driving. I told him he needed to reduce his speed.

4. I said to my friend "Have you heard of Stephen the famous percussionist?" He said "hmm rings a bell."

5. I was metal detecting and got angry when i stepped on a sharp object, but i buried the hatchet.

6. Ive opened up a business selling chimneys. its going through the roof.

7. I went to a conference for demotivational speakers. Nobody showed up and it was quite depressing.

8. I go to a church thats located on the top floor of a prestigious building. Repenthouse.

9. I cut across 3 lanes without indicating today. Yep, I suck at bowling.

10. I work for myself taking photos. I'm selfie employed.

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