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More than meets the eye

Digital Marketing

About Me

Hi, I'm Sam! That's right, the handsome fellow over there

I like to have a laugh and tinker about online

I've worked with lots of companies to make them more 'digitally-present'

Take a look below to find out a bit more about what I really do on Facebook all day.

Social Media

Social Media

What better way to find out if someone knows Social Media than to check out their own, personal management? Well, here you go, have a look:

  • Facebook - White Circle
  • Twitter - White Circle
  • Instagram - White Circle
  • YouTube - White Circle
  • LinkedIn - White Circle
DXBeach with Tiësto
UAE Innovation Week
Trader Vic's Mai Tai Lounge
Mambo Gourmet Pizza
DXBeach with Idris Elba
The Dubliner's at Le Meridien Dubai
Pollo Pollo

Social Media Management - What It Is

  • Content creation and delivery

  • Graphic design assitance

  • Reputation management

  • Question, query and complaint response

  • Campaign development and management

  • Activity reporting

  • Advert creation and monitoring

  • Event Marketing

Managing Your Account - How it Works

  • Basic package includes Facebook, Twitter & Instagram

  • YouTube & Snapchat can also be managed

  • Share your content (images, menu, text)

  • Provide admin access

  • Share offers, campaigns and activities

#DidYouKnow I've even helped my clients win awards!



A brand identity is the base of any solid marketing, be it digital or otherwise. Below are two key examples of branding that I have developed.

Homesafe Technical Services

  • Logo

  • A3 and A4 Posters

  • Website Development

  • Reputation management

  • Receipts & Admin Documents

  • HTML Newsletters

  • Magazine Adverts

The Doorstep

  • Flyers

  • Social Media

  • Posters

Samuel Moult

  • Profile Design

  • Business Cards

  • Social Media

  • HTML Newsletters

Graphic Design

Graphic Design

All designers start out self-taught. It's the best way to learn at your own pace, on the bits that matter the most. I'm no different. From Photoshop to Illustrator, Graphic Design doesn't need to be rocket science, but it can propel you to the moon!

Here's some bits and pieces that I've designed, but that's not all of them! There's plenty more in magazines, on social media and websites.


Analytics & Insights

You may know your brand, but how well do your customers know it? The world of today allows marketers to track their customer's behaviour, acquisition routes and more. 

Almost every company has a website, but do you know what your visitors are doing?


Google's Analytics software enables you to track a range of behaviours, demographics and more to help you improve and develop your site.

I have built sites and montiored their progress through analytics, making crucial changes that have even, in some cases, boosted revenue for the company.

What is Google Analytics?

Social Media insights on Facebook and Twitter help you develop your posts to gain the best possible results.


By analysing your insights, you can really see what you're doing right, and where you can improve.


Google AdWords

Being on top of the Google search results is many company's primary objective. While organic Search Engine Optimisation takes time, Google AdWords put you on top using just a bit of clever wording.

Google AdWords is the search engine's biggest revenue stream, so how does it work? 


I have set-up and managed campaigns to the point where they no longer need my attention, as they continuously run smoothly.

What is Google AdWords?

Web Development

Website Development

Video Editing

Video Editing

For the times when an image or a well-spun bit of text doesn't do the trick, a well-produced, well-edited video can be a key aspect of your marketing material. Using Adobe Premiere Pro, I have edited a few different videos, each with their own style and feel.

Get In Touch

Get In Touch

From graphic design to social media and so much more, if you like what I do, and think that I can help you, fill in the form below and I'll be in touch!

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