Comedian & Performer

  • Up to 100 shows for over 35,000 people yearly

  • Write, develop and execute comedy material

  • Social Media designs, posts and content on all major networks

  • Admin for clients, events and performances

    • Contracts

    • Invoices

    • Riders

  • Editing and brand design

    • Adobe Illustrator

    • Adobe Photoshop

    • Adobe Premiere Pro

Digital Marketing – Zero Gravity

  • Monitoring all the club’s social networks

  • Responding to messages and queries

  • Assisting in creative designs 

  • Managing website content and information

  • Generating monthly analytic reports

Artist Liaison – Zero Gravity

  • Itinerary creation with the venue and agents

  • Ground Liaison with Artists and Teams

    • Meeting guests at DXB & DWC airports                    

    • Coordinating with transport

    • Assist with hotel check-in

    • Logistics Brief prior to performance

  • Assisting with sound checks both pre & post venue open times

  • Venue Activities

    • Preparing Riders where necessary    

    • Making Artists comfortable at the venue

    • Escorting them to the stage

    • Controlling crowds, allowing for ease of movement

    • Being prepared to leave when Artist is ready

  • Additional Activites

    • Advising teams on tourist attractions and activities

    • Contacting various venues & suppliers

    • Taking teams on Desert Safari trips

Artist Liaison – Think Events


  • Ground Liaison for Artists at major events

  • Preparation of hospitality riders

  • Ensuring easy access to back stage and green rooms

  • Making sure Artists are comfortable on stage

  • Arranging activites during their stay

2015 - Present

2016 - Present

2015 - 2017

2015 - 2017

Were there any times when looking after an Artist and their Team was rewarding and enjoyable?

A favourite Artist of mine was coming to Dubai for their debut with his tour manager, sound technician and VJ. In advance of this, I emailed the Tour Manager before their arrival in order to discuss possible activities as they had a full free day before their show.

After checking the team into the hotel, we went out as a group to the ‘At The Top’ attraction on the Burj Khalifa. We then headed into the desert, renting ATVs for an hour from a trusted vendor I had used previously. I used this time to show the team the local sand dunes and the team were happy to have seen camels up close.

On returning the team back ot the hotel, I had a short time from to quickly turn myself round at home to meet them a couple of hours later and take them all to the venue where the Artist would then perform for over 3,000 people.

After his set he joined the crowd on the dancefloor dancing until close. Following this, I took the team back to the hotel where they said their Goodbyes and I thanked them for the visit.

Were there any times when an Artist or their Team created a challenge or problem that you had to fix?

During the morning of an Artist’s departure the Artist called me saying that the hotel driver had pulled up on the side of the road on the way to the airport as there were unpaid charges on their account. The Artist distressed and concerned that they would miss their flight.

I advised them that they must request the driver to continue to the airport and that I would get in touch with our point of contact in the hotel reservations department to correct the issue. This contact person was able to quickly relay the message to Front Office and to the driver that the Artist’s card will be charged. This ensured that they didn’t need to settle there and then.

Following this confirmation, I immediately called the Artist to relay this message and provide the necessary reassurances. They were happy to hear that this had been swiftly rectified and continued their journey to the airport. I then maintained contact throughout this period, right up until they were on the plane.

Were there any occasions when you acted to stop a problem forming ahead of time?

A significant crowd was expected at one of the larger events hosted by the venue. Because of this, temporary security staff were brought in. As I knew they did not know me personally I made sure to come by before bringing the Artist, passing through the various checkpoints and going into the Back Entrance of the venue. I also made sure I met the right security personnel and made them aware I would be bringing the Artist shortly.

Prior to leaving the hotel with the Artist and their team I called ahead to the Security Manager and when arriving at the venue we were able to pass through the crowds and checkpoints with ease, saving both time and security checks.