marketing expert with over 6 years experience providing concise, cutting-edge, current campaigns covering everything from beach clubs to space ships

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As a content creator/stand-up comedian/creative genius Sam has been generating marketing material for almost 10 years.

Combining his own personal ventures with numerous leading. award-winning brands, venues and clients he has developed and executed an impressive portfolio of graphic designs, unique videos and engaging campaigns.

Key Campaigns:

  • UAE Mission to Mars

    • Copywriting and Post Creation​

  • DXBeach Festival featuring Tiësto, Fatboy Slim, Idris Elba

    • Event promotion, content and communication during event​

  • Zero Gravity One Big Friday & NYE

    • Event promotion, communication during and post-event content​

  • Leicester Comedy Festival

    • Event promotion for 12 separate comedy shows​



Social media management has been the bread and butter of Sam's marketing career. From engaging content creation to analysing the numbers, you're never too far from the ultimate 360° social plan.

Experience is everything, and having managed accounts reaching millions of people globally Sam knows what makes your social platforms tick: current trends, fast-acting content and straight-forward, no-nonsense communication.


  • Content creation

  • Handling queries and complaints

  • Developing engaging visuals

  • Analysing insights

  • Event promotion


Joe Zalias's Horrible Stunts for Kids poster at the 2020 Leicester Comedy Festival

The Doorstep Comedy Club celebrating 4 nominations

Front Page of Home Safe's Flyer

Larry Dean's Work In Progress Poster

Love, Sex, Comedy poster

Garhoud Backyard poster

Nottingham Comedy Festival poster for Castle Rock Comedy Club


eye catching, powerful imagery is the forefront of your business. Knowing what gets customers interested is 90% of design, the rest is putting it all together.



if you're looking to reach the next level in your marketing campaign, get moving! videos and animations bring that extra *pop* to your products. 

whether you're launching a TV ad, developing a YouTube channel or just getting out there through your stories custom videos are sure to get all eyes on you.



if you want to get the best out of your business you can't go wrong by getting to know your customers. Today's social media and web tools allow us to look at our customer's behaviour, where they've come from and how to keep them.

whether it's insights on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or any other network, analytics for your website or even developing a comprehensive AdWords campaign Sam will be able to put it all together in an easy-going format with regular reports to make sure you're kept up-to-date.



from graphic design to social media and so much more, if you like what I do, and think that I can help you, fill in the form below and I'll be in touch!

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